Is 15GB Monthly Usage Enough for Online Gaming On PS4?

Posted 29th Jan 2016
Hope you peeps can help.

At the moment Fibre is not available in my area (due to be enabled in the next 3-6 months). I live in a house where the router is on the 2nd floor (living room) and the PS4 is on the 4th floor. With the Sky router it's fine does the job but when there is one or two other members in the house using at same time eg watching YouTube, downloading/uploading it causes problem on the PS4 for online multiplayer (Destiny). Lag and disconnections.

The Sky broadband max speed is 7Mbps download and upload is just 0.5Mbps.

I also have a EE Osprey with the FREE 100GB SIM which I am using and it's amazing. No lag online gaming on PS4 and the uptime from EE is great. Now I seen on EE website that they do same SIM but at 15GB data (30 days). So my question is;

Is 15GB data fine for online gaming (Destiny) and a bit of party chat on the weekends when RAIDING. Will not be using the 15GB for downloading update or uploading save state as this will be done on the 7Mbps Sky broadband. With the EE SIM it is also 30 days so not tied to any contract and as soon as Fibre is available I will upgrade then cancel EE.

Appreciate your help.
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