Is 20kg of medium size 4mm vermiculite the same as 200 litres please?

Found 20th Mar 2015
I ordered 200 litres of medium size vermiculite and was delivered 20kg instead. Meanwhile, i also received 200 litres of perlite and was delivered exactly that. The perlite sack is much bigger but lighter. Apparently, it requires density to help with conversion. Can any mathematician help please? I feel like complaining...
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100 litres will not be far off 10kg so it will be about right.

Yes density comes into it. Just do a Google search and try and find companies selling Vermiculite and see how they match up KG's to litres.
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Litres is a measure of size so all 200L sacks are the same size regardless of how much they weigh. Of course, it's the measure of the contents rather than the sack so if one is much fuller than another they could be different sized sacks.

I'm not familiar with the materials though, so Litres may be a measure of what you're buying but some sort of final size or with a certain amount of air mixed in if it's a 'fluffy' material.
10L of perlite wieghs 798g and 10L of vermiculite weighs 2kg.

So 200L of vermiculite should weigh 40kg

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Expands to a variable degree on heating. Weight would be a more reliable measure of quantity rather than volume tbh.

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