Is 500 mb enough for an android phone

i was looking at the talk mobile, 200 mins, 1000 texts, 500 mb, £20 a month for 12 months for the htc wildfire.
would 500 mb be enough for an android phone with occasional browsing, mainly fb updating etc.?…CON



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ok, thanks

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what about downloading the occasional app?

i have had 500mb for 6 months now and rarely use over 120 of that, that includes using facebook, browsing net, checking football scores and downloading apps now and again


i know its not the same but my iphone rarely exceeds 100mb by a lot.

i have 500mb and have recently been sent a text by vodafone saying i was very close to my limit. an extra 500mb is a fiver so i'm not that bothered, but i downloaded a data checker and some days my data gets hammered!!!

i've learned to download a lot of my news feeds in the house before i leave for work, using my wifi so i don't rack up too much data usage. for instance, i've used 7mb today on 3g but 67mb on wifi!!

If you are a heavy spotify user needed many gb's a month, no.

If you are soft user like me, it's fine.

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oooh brilliant. thank you for all your help
i used that thing to roughly calculate how much i would use and it came out as 100 mb. so its all good. thanks all
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