Is a 1.5 flashed xbox core for £50 a good deal?

    Found a guy local to me thats selling me a iExtreme 1.5 xbox core for £50.

    Its a launch machine so the date is 2005. He said its banned and has been red ringed before but has had it professionally fixed and has been working fine ever since.

    The £50 is for console only.

    Is this a decent deal or am I getting ripped off?

    I already have an xbox which I'll use for Live. This is just for playing offline.


    Yeah, not a bad deal, it is about the going rate

    £50 is ok if it comes with cables etc

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    £50 is ok if it comes with cables etc

    Console only mate. No leads or power etc.

    Im just hoping it doesnt just break down after I buy it seeing as its a launch model.

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    Actually is it better just buying a new Xbox Arcade and just flashing it myself?

    Less chance of it RRODing it and I have some spare cables and power supply.

    Is it easy enough to flash it myself?

    Don't bother..

    Old machines professionally fixed or not will fail soon enough..

    Why if banned did he stick 1.5 on?? No point..

    Guaranteed to red ring again, the fixes never last


    Guaranteed to red ring again, the fixes never last

    nor do brand new xboxs lol

    yepppppppppppppp dont buy it
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