Is a 3.12 megapixel camera good?

Just bought one from Ebay for £20(a Canon one) so I can take pictures of all the damage to my flat in case landlord denies it when I move and trys to get me to pay.

I do have an old 2 megapixel one which is great outside but inside is all grainy and horrible.


Should be fine for what you need. :thumbsup: For everyday photos you really don't need anything more.

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Cheers it was just in case it went to court(which I reckon landlady is likely to do) I have proof the flat is in an unfit condition

Err, For £20 it'll do.......

Make sure the photos are dated, you could always send the photos to yourself via royal mail and not open the envelope and then take that to court if need be.

I read today... a HDTV image is 1 megapixel.

A full screen image on a 19 inch monitor is 2 megapixels.

Canon cameras are normally quite good. 3Mpix is more than enough for just about anything unless you want to print A3 and above.

i have a real old sony cybershot 1mp and it still beats most 2-3mp
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