Is a 500w psu enough for a 980ti

Found 5th Jan 2018
Recently got a 980ti hybrid is a 500w cougar power supply enough
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A 980ti requires 21 amps on the 12v rail. I would allow at least 11 amps for the rest of the system. As you don't want to run the PSU over 90% you will probably need a minimum of 35 amps on the 12v.
The power supply is for the whole system not just the graphics card. The 980ti pulls something like 250W peak so it's certainly possible to use it in some systems with a 500W PSU.

Whether it's enough for your system is impossible to say.
Many other factors will determine if a 500w PSU is sufficient, maybe list your complete build spec and this will help us undestand what kind of power is required by the system as a whole.
Find out the peak power used by the 980ti.
Find out the PSU specs, how much current does the 12v rail provide?

Power = Current * Voltage

Power = current * 12 (make sure the power is above the max required by the graphics card).
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