Is a faulty HDMI plug fixable? (think pins lost springiness)

Found 28th Jan

My favourite (10 metre) HDMI cable disconnects unless I hold it just right.

I think it's not the connection between cable and plug but rather the pins in the plug aren't springing quite right against the socket pins.

Looks like crimping a new one on is out... Tools cost ridiculous money!

Any tips on trying to persuade the pins back to rights?
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Buy a new one, there cheep, not worth the hassle
I would bin it as they're not that expensive and damage to a socket is.
Can you perhaps do it with small tweezers?

But honestly I would likely bin it you can get a really long HDMI on like ebay for under £10.
Is this a serious question?.
Why risk leaving a pin stuck in your tv socket - which is a possibility if you start mauling the pins around in the plug. Get a new one.
Bin it
Binned it will be then, Thx.

.MUFC.4 h, 36 m ago

Is this a serious question?.

Yep... I'm selling everything I own due to rampaging skintness. HUKD-concencus helps me bin and still feel like a winner.
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