Is a intel quad core much faster than a duo core 2 cpu>?

    Hi im looking to buy or build a new pc,seen the intel quad core cpus and also the core 2 duo,just wondering if the quad are much more faster for games etc or would a duo core 2 be plenty?




    well about 2 years ago people used to say that the games didnt make use of 4 cores so 2cores was just as good/better as you could overclock them more

    dunno how things stand now

    Not many games will make full use of a quad-core, but more and more things are becoming multi-threaded. Purely for games a faster dual-core is still the better option, but a decent quad-core might be the better all round purchase if you also do other things and multitask a lot.

    i7 is substantially faster than Core-2. i5 and i3 are going to be mainstream before long and will offer performance somewhere between the two..

    Good memory is more important IMHO.


    Good memory is more important IMHO.

    Why? It helps for overclocking, but at stock speeds a bump in CPU speed has far more impact than a reduction in memory timings, and branded value-RAM is very stable at standard speeds these days.
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