Is a like new GTX 1070 ti @ £310 worth keeping?

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Slight dilemna for me, managed to get a like new barely used 1070 ti (Zotac Amp edition) for £310 off ebay from a reputable company (so full warranty), and am upgrading from a 1050 ti (using 1440p gaming monitor).

I primarily play LoL atm and there's negligible difference in FPS between the 1050 and 1070 for me at max settings. My reasons for upgrading were to get a better card for future games out later this year.

The dilemna is £310 is a great price for a powerful card (even if right now it's not really benefitting the games I'm playing), but I have a small window to return for any reason (and not seeing immediate improvements in fps is a reasonable one imo). New GTX series is potentially a few months away.

What should I do?
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Completely depends on if you’re going to play more graphic intensive games or do media related things. Other than that, there isn’t really a need for something that powerful especially just for LoL.
Yes, that seems a good price for near GTX 1080 performance. I'd keep the card as you probably wont find anything in that price range for atleast 6 months to a year.
Great price on the card! As Vencurse said, it depends on if you're going to do any graphics intensive gaming in the near future. If not then don't bother with an unnecessary upgrade.

However if it was me I'd just keep it anyway as it's a bargain!
Return it new cards will be out in a few month, hopefully won’t be the shortages there were with this gen
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