is a macbook worth getting??

    im after a top of the range laptop what lasts a few years i use my laptop everyday for different uses my last laptop lasted me just over 2 years and the one before that about 3 do you reckon macs last longer???and are they ok for playing games on???


    When you say 'last', what do you mean? In what ways did your previous ones not last...

    maybe you should go online to the gadget show and see what they say about it

    It is a very personal choice. I now have a mac and wouldnt change back, BUT games are better on a PC. More are designed for the platform and hence you have more choice, usually cost less, and the ones i have played see to be better on the pc. My solution was having a ps3 and an xbox for games and mac for everything else


    edit: and im a PC
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    It's a yes from me too, love mine and would never go back!

    I bought a MacBook Pro in June 2007 for everyday use, and it would take an awful lot for me to even consider going back to a PC. I am typing this post on my MacBook now, and it runs just as well as it did the day that I bought it, with no notable issues in those three years and a bit. And in terms of maintenance I have had to do, well, virtually nothing. Which is exactly why I bought it. So yeah, a purchase I'm glad I made.

    In terms of gaming, there is little doubt that if your primary use of your laptop is going to be gaming, you need to go with a PC, preferably custom built to get the most value for money. If gaming is a peripheral concern, then a Mac will probably suit your needs. For example, I play Football Manager on my Mac and have Steam installed at the moment. I do have a Windows partition, but in all honesty apart from a bit of Dawn of War II a couple of months ago, I've hardly loaded that up in the past year or so. I was intending to use the Windows partition for gaming, but I just haven't needed to use it recently with the addition of Steam (I generally use consoles for gaming anyway).

    So my Mac is certainly suitably for my gaming needs, but it depends on how serious yours are as to whether it will be suitable for you. For everything other every day use aside from gaming I would choose a Mac over a PC hands down.

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    would probably just use it for a few cheap steam games

    Yes, once you go Mac you never look back


    would probably just use it for a few cheap steam games

    In that case it will be more than adequate for your gaming needs.

    Personally my Steam library consists of Peggle, Machinarium, World of Goo, And Yet It Moves, Osmos, and Galacon. All cheap indie games. All great fun.

    Mac Mac Mac do it - You will love it!
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