Is a nintendo 3ds really £100 better than a 2ds?

    As the title says, 2ds coming in around 75-80 and 3ds almost at 180... apart from the 3d element, is it really worth 100 quid more?


    I don't even use the 3d on my 3ds xl. But the 3ds xl is brilliant, good size, better form etc.

    Switch will be out in March, id question forking out on a 3ds now, although Nintendo have been clear the switch isn't replacing the 3ds.

    Ive got both for my kids, i prefer the 2ds because is doesnt have hinges, the screens are the same size & we dont use the 3d on the 3ds version either because it kills your eyes!!

    3DS have reached crazy prices. I paid £115 for my 3DS XL in June 2013. The 3D was a nice feature but I played with it off more than on

    I Prefer 2D but i think the 3DSXL has a bigger screen if i remember rightly from when i had one.

    Yay found a flame deer here

    I have a 3DS and I have 3D disabled as it messes with my eyes

    We prefer the 2DS over the 3DS but screen size is much better on a 3DS xl. We have all 3 in this house and the 3ds gets used the least. The 2ds's are always used. We never use the 3D function on them either.

    You're probably looking at the New 3DS at that price, which has better 3D, supports improved graphics for newer games, and has a different design
    A standard 3DS can be had for much cheaper

    XL only, its the best!

    I would say so. The 3ds has 3D, better quality screens, stereo speakers, clamshell to protect screens, faster processor (new models only) access to snes games on e store (new models only). Games like Xenoblade will not work on 2DS. Some games like Mario Land, Kirby and Zelda look so much better in 3D. You've also got the 2nd analogue stick on the new 3DS also which make Majoras Mask better to play. So yes I'd say definitely worth the extra cash.

    I sold my new 3ds xl (paid £149, sold for £170) in favour of my old 2ds.i didn't like the 3d function so that was always off. I'm more nervous of the hinges in the 3ds, I had a ds lite which died through broken hinges. The bigger screens in the xl was nice but it has the same number of pixels as the 2ds and regular 3ds so it is noticeably less sharp (to me at least). Apart from xenoblade I can't find any other games that would only work on the new 3ds. I have bigger hands and the 2ds is more comfortable for me. Also it seems a lot sturdier. So for me at least, I'd rather have the 2ds and money for a game or two. So depends what your priorities are really!
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