Is a Nvidia 8300gs any better than a ATI 9800XT performance wise?

    Just wondering as I'm planning on getting a new PC and need a stopgap graphics card before christmas ...


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    .... helooo....


    as far as I know the 8300GS is an OEM card and its perfomance not up to much, you'd be better off sticking with your old radeon and upgrading when you have the money, it also depending on the connector because the ATI is likely AGP only, if you need a cheap PCI-E card this looks ok:…tml

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    8300gs integrated is what I mean, i'm probz getting a new pc, (I've prettymuch sold my current one) but I am wondering if this is similar in performance?

    Until I decide to by a card like an 8800gt, 3850 etc at christmas

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    Anybody know?

    is tht what i have got?
    a 9800?

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    Yeah... A 9800XT can play Crysis
    , Call of Duty 4, Test Drive Unlimited, STALKER fine oh, and spore... lol

    i think the upgrade will make it weaker except for dx10
    aint the 8300gs similar to the 9200?

    At best the performance will be similar however I would expect the 9800XT to outperform the 8300GS.


    depends, the 8300 is a dedicated gpu but shares main memory cycles/space so will actually play dx10 games whereas the 9800xt will not.
    On dx 7/8/ poss 9 games the 9800xt will win but as stated a bit of a moot point because they are different platforms(agp/PCI-e) so you won't be able to choose unless you have a rare dual board.
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