Is a watermark on the back of a passport photo ok?

Found 15th Dec 2013
I've tried to save money by getting my passport pics done online on a 6" x 4" sheet, but I'm concerned now as each sheet has a light grey kodak watermark on the back. Has anyone successfully submitted photos like this before?
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If it's on the back and not visible on the actual photo side then that's fine and quite normal. I had my son's photos done at a Kodak photo shop and they were fine for the passport office and I'm sure they had the Kodak watermark/logo on the reverse.
Yes, should be fine, i took my photo with my s3 phone then edited them online (free) and printed them on photo paper, sent them off and no problems.
yeah you should be fine.
For my families last few passports, I have used the DIY option on epassportphoto and taken the file to the local store to print out for about 25p. Never had a problem with them rejecting them.
Thanks for the replies everyone, I feel better for knowing.
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