Is a white shirt acceptable at a funeral?

Posted 19th Apr 2012
With black shoes, black trousers and a black tie? Or should a get a darker colour shirt?
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I wouldn't wear anything but a white shirt.
White is fine.
Most men wear white shirts
It's fine. If any one tells you otherwise tell them to **** off, you're there to pay your respects.
white shirt is fine.... ive been to a funeral where someone dresses as if they were at a funeral... very disrespectful to the family imo.
White shirt is fine, and it's colour dear, unless you're American.
Wear Black

[image missing]


The funeral directors wear them, so it's more than allowed!
ok, thanks all.
Black or grey suit, black shoes, white shirt, black tie

Anything else and you should be buried

Wear Black/10?

-1/10 brah
m8 u can wear anythin to a funeral u r showing your respects and u r there thats all that matters, it owuld be to me anyway

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Condolences offered. Hope you're dealing OK with your loss.

Black tie is the most important thing, then smart suit, then plain shirt and then smart shoes.
Just make sure you don't wear brown shoes with a black suit.
Hatch, Match or Dispatch........always a white shirt .

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So what was the deal with the OP's thread last night? If it was a joke, then it wasn't very funny. If it wasn't a joke, shouldn't we have been/be a bit more concerned?
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