Is Alan Carr worth the dosh (£39) to see live?

    Hes funny and all that but is it a good show? Anyone been?


    Have seen him live - he's good - but IMO not £39 plus Booking fee good (so I ain't going again)!!!
    (although there are few comedians I would say are worth paying that to see)

    very funny but it is a bit pricey!

    I find him as funny as thrush!



    I find him as funny as thrush!

    Worst time of my life

    Original Poster

    well hes cheap compared to the £113 i forked out to see seinfeld!!

    ouch! never found seinfeld funny!

    seems steep tbh-just my opinion but £25 is about top whack for a comedian-they have no huge entourage,no band,in most cases no support act. They must be paying the same to rent the venue as anyone else and for £39 you could see a good band who have far higher expenses-alan carr is taking the pee at those prices.

    Not many comedians I would pay that much for.

    Alan Carr is certainly not one of them.

    A couple of years ago I saw Russell Howard at my local arts centre. 9.50 and there was no more than 40 of us there. Best gig ever

    Not that great live tbh

    the only person id pay tht much to see is lee evans

    urgh.... just the sound of him would be enough for me to turn around and walk out

    i've seen him live, went to the glee club in brum and it cost about a tenner!
    i had no idea who he was, then his first show on tv started a week later, lol!

    Cant believe he's doing an arena tour. Wait untll the week before and you'll probably get half price tickets.
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