Is Amazon charging a higher price for Prime members for delivery of some items?

Posted 1st Dec 2016
When you search for items on Amazon you can find some that are cheaper and eligible for free UK delivery. If you repeat the search after ticking the option under Prime eligible, the same item is now available under Prime but at a higher price. (See pics)
The price hike ranges from £3-5 and wonder if it is Amazon finding a way to charge its Prime members for the shipping although Prime Membership should include the shipping services already.
The items include a whole range (as seen in images) and I must admit I just did a quick search just to confirm it.

So why are these items with lower prices and free UK delivery sold by Amazon at a higher price for its Prime members?

The one easy reasoning seems to be that Amazon may be charging its Customers for the pleasure of using the Prime benefit of getting the items delivered the next day. The shipping charges for next day delivery are hidden in the higher price. It does seem a bit unfair since Prime members had already paid for the delivery by an annual membership price. It also could be a way of forcing customers to buy only Prime eligible items since they'll obviously be the cheaper ones for Prime members.

Is Amazon exploiting a flaw in people’s search methods? Possibly.

Prime members routinely search for items which are Prime eligible to enable the benefit of paying the £79 /year membership. This forces them to look at only those items which are sold by Amazon as eligible for Amazon Prime.
The only way to get hold of the cheaper items with free delivery appears to be to make sure you search for all items sold, note down the prices and only then sign in to your account and look for Prime eligible and confirm that the price hasn’t changed. Clearing your search and cookies before you start search should also become routine to you.

The only attractive aspect of Amazon Prime is the belief that you get the items delivered the next day for a single annual price. (The amazon prime video service is rubbish to say the least and not even worth the trouble of comparing it to Netflix or any other.) So it does raise an issue as to whether Amazon is taking its Prime Members on a ride when they are being asked to pay twice for the delivery – once by an annual price and then again at the pay point unless they are happy to toe the Amazon line and buy only the selected Prime eligible items.
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