Is Amazon prime worth a go?

Amazon have wrote to me saying I qualify for the free trial. Is it worth trying or is there some con? Thanks.


Most people love amazon on here.... so probably get bias views lol


Amazon have wrote to me saying I qualify for the free trial. Is it worth … Amazon have wrote to me saying I qualify for the free trial. Is it worth trying or is there some con? Thanks.

you can do it just remmebr to cancel before end

I quite like Amazon, although they are sometimes slow to despatch items. Would deffo give the trial a go. Well worth it as they have some great offers.

It's great but remember it doesn't include market place sellers.

Just remember to cancel before the payment date. I have prime and its great for super fast delivery, but if you're not in a rush you often find the same items quite a bit cheaper in the 'non prime' searches, so be aware of that. I don't use the films at all so that's wasted on me, and I've decided I'll not be continuing my subscription when it's up for renewal.

the thing about prime is that you can share it (not sure if under different addresses though but i think so). the main member gets the lovefims package which is alright, i certainly have not used it other than once though. others get free next day delivery on legible items. as value for money its not worth it for me, however as convenience for next day delivery its amazing. as the shop underneath signs for my packages so no one need to be home for larger packages (amazon are known for overkill large sized packaging)

oh ya not sure if its still valid however they had a brilliant deal / discount on students prime memberships

Yes it's worth a free trial. It doesn't seem to be 1 day delivery any more but it does have few options For delivery, one of them gives you credit to buy kindle books etc (takes about four days). I have £3 credit doing this. The other thing is the free videos/tv series on your kindle, tablets etc. I will be ending the trial at the end of the month.

superfast deliveries most of the time on prime . ive had it for over a year its great , you know itll be sometime next day

Always, its a bargain!! as instructed, cancel within your account before your month free trial is up.

I have prime. It's ok, there's a lot of things that still aren't prime eligible (a lot!) and you still need to spend £10 to get add-on items delivered.

When they get it right they get it very right with super fast delivery but otherwise they take ages to deliver, miss deliveries or say they have delivered when they haven't, the worst part is they try and make out that their eff ups are your fault.

I've already had 3 month extensions to my account by way of apologies.

Yes the free trial is worth it. I used to pay for prime but when they hiked up the price I stopped. Now if I need something quick I just pay for next day to Amazon locker.

they deliver on Sundays too! You can cancel it as soon as you have signed up, atleast it's done then... just incase you forget in 30 days time! keep an eye on your bank account though - there's been quite a few people who've still been debited the following month (very easy to get it back)
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less than £7 a month for
- free next day (apparently not guaranteed) deliveries including for purchases less than a tenner
- access to kindle library and instant video

if these appeal to you, then it may be worth it after the trial
i'm never really in a rush and like to buy my books/own my shows so the only benefit to me would be to take advantage of some deals under a tenner


Amazon have written to me saying I qualify for the free trial. Is it … Amazon have written to me saying I qualify for the free trial. Is it worth trying or is there some con? Thanks.


I cancelled my Love Film subscription and paid a few extra pounds and got Amazon Prime instead which gave me the same service. It's great having free next day delivery, but I find some of the other extras are really good.
-You can borrow certain Kindle books for free each month.
-If you don't need next day delivery, you can swap it for a £1 credit on Kindle books, audio books or MP3s. If you split your orders into single items you can rack up quite a lot of credit this way.
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Since I've had my ps4 the Amazon TV is a real eye opener, tons of viewing for such a small outlay.


Share your Prime account with family and friends to reduce the cost. 4 separate addresses can be on the one account I think.

Don't forget you get Amazon instant video too.
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