Is an Advent 4489 the same as Advent 4211?

Found 5th Jan 2009
I bought Advent 4489 from PC world for £229.99.

I think the price is up wrong as the 4490 is double spec for same price I think it should have been £199.99 - anyway.

My problem started when the battery would not charge, I looked at the online user guide stored on desktop and it was for 4211.

I thought this was just an error so asked tech guys to send me correct user manual.

Then I turned it over to check battery correctly installed and it has a plate with Advent 4211 b on it then a sticker with 4489 below.

Does this sound correct? Should I go back? I have looked online and aparently the 4211 had problems charging - I know its late but would welcome any advice - thanks
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its probably just a different model with slightly different specs, but mostly same components and layout.
if the battery doesnt work take it back. if you ever have a problem like that right off the bad, just return the item.

this way you could get the better specced version also.
Hi all,

The 4489 and the 4490 were both on sale in my local currys for £229

The 4489 was the only one on display, they had a few 4490's out the back.

The 4490 has a 120gb hard drive
1 gb ram
windows xp home


It even says on site it has it, but it doesn't trust ,me I bought one!

The 4489 has an 80gb hard drive
0.5gb ram
windows xp home

not sure about the web cam and not sure about bluetooth

When I checked stock levels on the site of my local store it said there was stock to reserve and collect, so I just took the chance and turned up. The member of staff when I asked about the 4490 for £229 pointed me at the 4489, I informed him that that wasn't the one and there was a better one for the same price, he checked on his pc and lo and behold went out the back and came back with a 4490 all nicely boxed and unopened.

He mumbled something about being a good deal bearing in mind the 4489 was the same price but not such a good spec. I bought one, must be a miss price, its nearly £280 on the dixons site which is the same company. Whilst Looking at the 4490 a couple also took and interest and also bought one. Get um while you can....

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