is an iphone 3gs worth paying the extra or should i get a 3g?

    Hello all,

    I am at the end of my phone contract with 3 and have cancelled with effect from the end of this month, i want to get an iphone but not sure what the difference is between the 3gs and the 3g, is it worth paying the extra for the 3gs, i have tried looking it up on the net but it only comes up with a few differences like a video camera and voice activated dialling. i do want a 3gs but i dont know wether its just me wanting to keep up with the times?

    Just wondered what everyone else thought.



    iPhone 3GS has a faster processor and more RAM. So apps launch quicker and web pages load quicker. Actually 3x faster than web pages on the iPhone 3G running 3.0 and 8.4x faster than an iPhone 3G running 2.2.1.

    3GS has a 3MP camera with auto focus and white balance or w/e and will be able to record video up to 30 frames per second.

    3GS has a better battery. Using 3G will give you the same amount of battery life, because the faster speeds use up more power. But using the phone over EDGE or Wi-Fi will give you more battery life.

    3GS also comes in 32GB versions.

    don't forget the compass, which is of use to climbers/walkers and such I guess (plus more appz in time) ! ;p

    In all honestly nope its not. I only went for 3G S due to me needed 16gb and an iPhone in warranty. Its rare to find an iphone 3g 16gb in warranty.

    Id save your bucks buy the 3G and wait till june n buy the 4g and sell of the 3g.

    agree.. get the cheaper one if you must and buy the new one when it comes in June/July…-1/

    read this, its about the graphics rendering abilities of the 3g v 3gs. if there is a 4g on the way, its probably worth the wait though

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    cheers everyone for the info, im still undecided cus ill be getting it on contract and am rubbish at sorting things out to sell if the new one come out. think though ill prob end up getting the 3gs.... what network would you all go on?

    thats a VERY open question, the answer would be the best deal you can get at the time. sorry

    DDTTAA;7800095 this, its about the graphics rendering abilities of the 3g v 3gs. if there is a 4g on the way, its probably worth the wait though

    That is an almost pointless story, as Apple make sure that all apps with fancy graphics can run on all iPhones hence the 3GS's power never being utilised to the max. I imagine this will change when the 4G comes out and you'll start seeing apps specific to the 4G (poss the 3GS too).
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