Is an MSI Wind U100 any good?

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Found 8th Aug 2009
Im looking for a netbook to basically surf the web, email, maybe do itunes, watch iplayer/ch4od, and maybe the occassional office document. Dont really want to spend anymore than £250. Came across the Msi wind which seems to have a lot of features on it but done really know if will do what i want without it being really slow! Any comments would be gratefully appreciated!

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Both my daughters have the XP, 160gb, 1gb ram version, great little machines, very well built and surprisingly quick, I would highly recomend them

They're brilliant, one of the best netbooks for the price. I've got the Advent 4211 (same machine, but PC world brand). Upgradable to 2gb ram too.

I have one! Its fantastic, good size screen, couldnt recommend enough

i have a medion (msi wind rebrand) great little machine... alothough i might get rid of it and get a nettop

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Thanks all for your comments really appreciate it! Looks like its worth apunt. Another quick question how do you put anti virus etc on these if you dont have a cd/dvd drive? i've got a 3 user kaspersky anti virus thingy but thought you need to install cd? Im so not techny can you tell!

By The way i've added rep to you all! Thanks again!

Those of you who actually own one, are those little Atom 1.6GHz processors actually powerful enough to handle the likes of iPlayer and xvid movies?


Yup, I play divx/xvid/avi all the time on my atom 1.6ghz that's in my … Yup, I play divx/xvid/avi all the time on my atom 1.6ghz that's in my aspire one, it can even do it flawlessly on my 23" HD monitor and can output to it at 1920*1080 just fine and play them on that.

Coolies. Can it cope with iPlayer in fullscreen, too?


Dunno I'll try it tomorrow.

T'would be much appreciated, thanks.

i havee an acer aspire one avail for £150 new boxed

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Hi can you tell me where you bought your acer from? Seems a good price and which model is it? I really dont know which to get now! Also i know im a bit thick but if you want to add software like anti virus how do you do that without a cd/dvd drive?


Just tried it, plays top gear on iplayer flawlessly full screen.

Awesome. Thanks a lot for finding out. The iPlayer and Divx things have been the uncertain factor that've been stopping me from buying a netbook for him, so that's great. Rep'd.

Edit: Or not. Is something up with your repthing? It says I cannot give any to you.
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