Is Andriod so limited ??? Font Size / Background Colour?

    just got a new LG Optimus for the missus and the first thing I noticed is taht the font size for menus / messages etc is so small !!!

    And it would seem that the only colour scheme is white text on a black background.

    after searching through the settings menus I can find nowhere that allows the font size to be changed like of a BlackBerry for instance

    Also I would like to have black text on a white background - is this not possible too?

    Is Android OS so limited ?

    Any ideas folks



    Never had an android device, but perhaps you could root this model, change themes etc?

    If you are having issues with messages you can just download an app to replace it. (which i would recommend anyway)

    I recommend Handscent SMS you can change just about everything in that.
    as for text size, ive never had an issue, is the optimus a phone with a really small screen?

    as far as i know there are no standard options to do this.
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