Is anyone a Ford Main Dealer Sales person??

    I am in desperate need to get a car, only a fiesta but I believe that Ford's may want to out them due to the new shape coming in.
    Can someone advise what sort of price I could push the dealer down too . I would go second hand but Ford credit are offering good interest rates at the moment, 4.9% I think and I need a reliable car.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    This may suit you. Just enter the details of the car you want and it will bring up a suggested target price.
    BIG tip. Go in to them in the last 3 or 4 days of the month (month end sales targets) and say you can proceed now and register for that month. Helps them out, and will be more likely to do a suicidal deal at month end rather than at the beginning of the month.

    (Car sales, but not Ford)

    get dom on the case/best tipis to get the price of a rival car eg; vauxhall and to use that against them by saying you would rather buy that for less and whatnot.

    The only tip I can give if you go to ford is, go at the end of the month. trust me
    The salesmen are trying to boos their sales to up their bonus. :thumbsup:

    Well,Fords are not so reliable even brand new,never would buy one for myself. And they are NOT economical on fuel,think the worst make at the moment.It was not so actual earlier,when fuel was cheap...

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    Thanks everyone, some excellent tips given there & I will certainly be looking at the website.

    I have always owned a Ford and they have been brilliant up until the last car, which happened to be the most expensive to purchase and sadly the most expensive to repair as well.

    Thanks again

    go to more than 1 ford dealership too we almost bought a new one in january and 1 dealership were much more amiable to discount than another. In the end bought a skoda octavia from main dealer as they offered 1000 quid trade in on old BMW that was worth about £600 plus the car was immaculate was £500 less than the which guide and it was the exact model taht won what car of the year 2006 and since it was the 2006 model we thought bargain. And tbh we glad we never bought ford as the skoda has huge boot space brillant for my quinny pushchair. And the 10 disc cd interchanger as standard sold it for hubby
    Hubby recently went away on business took 2 women with him and they were shocked all their luggage fitted in boot so easily and they had so much leg room in the back.
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