is anyone a midwife here that I could ask you a few questions about the job?

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Found 9th Feb
I'm in my 30's and have been looking at training up as a midwife now that my kids are all in full time education. I just want to know how others have coped in a similar situation. is there a good family and work balance and if looking to start as part time what kind of shift patterns am I looking at.

I've never been an academic I'm more a hands on learner so the thought of going into it and then finding actually I can't complete the course is very worrying. but it's something that I've wanted to do for such a long time but not had the guts to actually think it may be a possibility.

I know I need to do a 1 year access course in college and then a further 3 years in uni. am I too old for it?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and give me a helping hand it's much appreciated.

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Never too old for anything but...

I know that the midwifery course is one if not the hardest nursing course to get onto. Bear in mind that nursing students have also lost their bursaries.

Do what makes you happy you are never too old!

My sister recently qualified as a midwife. I would suggest making sure that you have a lot of support around you for child care, as it obviously involves shift work (including nights and weekends).
But as the person above said, do what makes you happy. Don't let anxiety hold you back, as you may have regrets later on in life for not giving it a try.
Btw, my sister loves her job. It's hard work, but rewarding.
Good luck! x

If you really want to do it and have a good support network for childcare I'd suggest going for it. Im in a similar situation but I am a carer for one of my children and have been a carer since 17 so I have no experience. Im applying this year for an access nursing course as I've always wanted to be a nurse. I would however consider the worst parts of the job and if you would be able to deal with them. It would break my heart delivering stillborns and I couldn't keep it together for the distraught parents so I know I'm not cut out for midwifery. Seriously think if you could cope with that before jumping in with both feet because for me the down side to the job outweighs all the lovely cuddles with the healthy newborns

My friend started her nursing degree 2 years ago, she was 35.
Go for it, at least do the access course then you'll get a fell for studying etc.

There seems to be some confusion between being a midwife and being a nurse. They are different professions.
I can recommend a career in midwifery.

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Thank you everyone for all your kind replies it's good to hear support from others.

I have a good support network having lots of family close by and plenty of friends. I am worried about the course work as it's been such a long time since I did any studying. like alison197 said I think doing the access course will tell me if I want to do midwifery for sure.

thank you once again

great question. this is what I wanted to do and I'm 30 with 3 kiddies all under 8. the long hours and not having the support for kids has put me off. Still looking on doing something in the field just not midwifery
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