Is anyone actually watching Big Brother this year?

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Found 2nd Jul 2009
I usually watched every one, I liked the routine and the Friday night evictions.

However this one started 4 days before I went abroad so I watched the launch but no further. As far as I know I've not missed anything exciting either!!

There is the whole lot available to watch on 4 catch up online, but I don't think it's worth the effort!!

Have heard the viewing numbers are miniscule, I just wondered if ANYONE is actually watching it and what their opinion of this series in general is?

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first year i havent watched it, its normally really funny and theres loads of drama but havent seen anything apart from launch as well.

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Smeagol first year i havent watched it, its normally really funny and theres loads of drama but havent seen anything apart from launch as well.

Nope its the worst one ever i think , most of them are annoying and nobody in there who i think even deserves to win or i think yeah they seem ok , most are pratts lol..... i watch it now and then in background when nothing better to do , i keep expecting to see something intresting but i never do

I mean BB has doing nothing exciting , the house mates are dull , come on , get with the program

Even have an illegal immigrant in it this year lol...he should be booted out already! but i suppose thats a bit to much for all these idiot left wingers
Nexy year they are hoping to get a terrorists into the mix

Load of cr*p!!!


My OH watches it and drives me mad. I keep phoning the Emergency Doctor but they won't come out as they say addicted to Big Brother is not an illness. I beg to differ. Drives me mad.

nope. usually watch it but fint it really boring about 10 mins into the show, they've got it wrong this year, it's usually hit and miss, as it is every year.

i think they just need to throw them all out now and put a new lot in , should do a vote on it ...i mean they did sign up for anything so they cant complain... also why arnt BB doing things , like wind ups , and doing nasty stuff , just nothing , its just dull

All i want to see is rows really , i want fights , shouting , tricks , jokes , something intresting!

What makes me sick is they actually get fame from this , i mean who are the sad gits wot even turn up to this BB to watch them live , some sad gits no doubt.......i mean cant they get egg thowing people in the crowd instead

I didn't even know it had started until someone mentioned it, normally you can't avoid BB as it's everywhere. No-one in my household watching it which is unusual.


Nope. TheWife watches it but I've not been interested in years.


only know 1 person who ever has seen it and they have an IQ of a hamster!
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