Is anyone else been getting red Xs instead of smilies?

    This seems to be intermitant, but for the last few days the smilies have not been showing up. It cannot be my computer as I have tried it on three different PCs. Is it just a glitch in HUKD?


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    Couldn't resist it!

    Same here - been like it for days!

    yep, happening to me too, it seems to change every time i go to use them! :?

    yup its a bit random though sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't

    I thought it was my computer - it's been like it for me the past couple of days too. I seem to be getting a random 50/50 mix of working and not.

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    Yep. It's been ]reported in the Feedback forum.

    Doh! I always forget to search the feedback.

    My smileys are there one minute then turn into red x the next.


    Cos the rubber band server is **** :giggle:

    However, they do reveal what they should be if 'cursored'. Actually I don't know how to spell cursor. Need a smiley at this point.:roll:

    My smilies are still not working properly. Anyone else? :?

    Mine are still playing up too.
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