Is anyone else having trouble logging onto the Orange Account?

    I want to log on and the stupid thing isnt working... god i wish they would sort it out.


    If you mean email then no my account is fine .

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    No i mean mobile account sorry im just annoyed i want to have a look at statements and see about when i can upgrade lol and the sodding thing wont let me access it atm

    Sorry, i'm sure it will sort itself out. I am on Orange Mobile too

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    lol no need to apologise not your fault orange are **** :P

    Orange web based email has been playing up for the last 4 or 5 days 'due to an upgrade which is taking longer than expected'
    I dont know why they didnt expect it - we could all have told them they'd fail to do it effeciently!

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    Lol yeah its a huge pain as im due for a upgrade and wanted to see what i could get
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