is anyone else having trouble with ppgift it charged me 71 p to send it

    i thought it was meant to be free


    its not free unless u paying direct from a paypal balance rather than credit/debit card

    ... it means the sender gets the choice of paying the fees instead of the reciever

    free to receive not send

    did you have funds? if you took it out your bank it will charge you


    is the payment going out of this country as they do im sure

    but have heard that they are going to start charging for gift as many people using it to get out of fees but im sure charging would be against law surely but then it is paypal and ebay

    Original Poster

    half of it was in my account the other half it took out didnt know it charged you for it

    it charges differently-i tried £1 to europe to see what it would do and it wanted to charge1p lol so i think no minimum fee just %

    Even if you have to get funds from account its still free if your pp account is linked properly.
    ie some ppl have a credit/ebit card added but not their actual bank account.

    2 nights ago i sent ppg part from balance part came from bank no charge for me or recipient
    Also lots of people when they go to send to click the tab "personal"

    If you search forum i know ive answered similar threads least 3/4 times before

    As above, i never have any funds in my pp account, and I just let it take it from my linked bank account, but NOT a card. I think if its coming either from your pp account or your linked bank account, it's free to send and receive.
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