Is anyone else noticing a problem with HOTUK today?

    I keep getting an internal server error, i have to refresh all the time lol



    yeh me too, but its not too bad

    Me too.

    yep i do

    and me..


    yep! :roll:



    me 3 ...

    and me!


    me too - even at 3am it was saying SORRY HUKD IS DOWN!

    Yep. Me too. Thought it was my usual AOL connection at first.:roll:

    Yip me too.

    Yip, me three.

    It happens all the time. How often do they reboot their web server?

    yeah me 2, also when i open posts i get a streak of lines going down the page

    I've had trouble loading hukds for a few days now... I often get the same problem as Tanchi.. I thought it was my carp orange broadband connection..

    Internal Server Error 502: This post is too witty to display. Please try again later.

    Probably server problems as Quidco is playing up too


    my carp orange broadband connection..

    I work for orange lol

    I'm getting the error too.


    I work for orange lol

    Never mind...... I've been with them through freeserve/wanadoo and now orange.. I phone up for my MAC and they always talk me out of it.. :oops:.. I try and sike myself up and tell myself 'they're not going to do it this time'..... I phone orange last week to go to 02 £10 per month deal (only ADSL available i my area) and guess what...

    yep... They done it again.. six months free and then £11.99 on a staff discount plan(thats what they told me)...12 month contract..
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