Is anyone else really, really behind in receving their post.parcels?

    ordered 12 parcels only received 6 and its been 2 weeks now.


    Me too, boo hoo!

    yes i am waiting on loads!



    My friend works for Parcelforce and last week they had a backlog of 6000 parcels and this is just one delivery depot

    Probably even more now, they are struggling with all the snow and ice on the roads
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    Me too. It obviously depends which depot they were dispatched from. Even if your location is clear of snow, it could be stuck further up the chain.

    My Beatles Rock Band from HMV was dispatched on the 1st and only showed up today. The Royal Mail backlog at the moment is pretty epic by all accounts. It'll likely be fairly horrendous up until Christmas unless you pay for next day delivery!
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    Few. Mostly from members.

    Yep waiting for items from Play, been nearly 2 weeks

    Same as above, wasting for a few. Seems post is only coming every other day. Not had back to back post days for 2 weeks.
    Most are Christmas presents. I only hope they do turn up so I don't have to go through every site for missing items form.

    Yeah , been waiting ages for stuff . Just had a delivery from china [ebay purchase ] I've been waiting for month and a half , infact I complained so much they refunded me . I had to wait a while for stuff from Play & Gamestation ,but it seems things are getting through now . The deliver van driver said his works had been closed for 2 days as the vans could'nd get out and there is now a backlog .

    Me too.. amazon (although a recent order turned up today, another order I placed days before is still not here).. Play, theyre never that quick to get to me though, usually takes a week.. Book Depository.. A few Ebay bits, thats about it. Oh, and Home Delivery Network are taking an Eon with my BHS order!

    Probably. I tend to lose track of everything I order...

    It's a bit of a **** as I'm going home (from Uni) on Sunday...

    Me too, oO

    Same here My sister posted me a package first class via RM last Monday and it STILL isn't here.

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    Yes, I'm waiting to receive quite a few bits and people are waiting for stuff from me, we've been clear down here, but further up is where the hold ups are happening.

    Yep orange next day mobile delivery going into day 3 with no update on tracking.

    yes me too!! loads!!

    Yep, amazon! Amusingly something ordered from has arrived from the US whereas the item ordered from has yet to turn up!

    we aint seen mr postman for 3 days he must have a massive backlog...not been any snow here


    Postie vans are getting here, but the walking posties are having a … Postie vans are getting here, but the walking posties are having a holiday at the moment

    Health and safety, good luck to them

    yeah me too many ive forgotten what ive ordered!!!,play,river island among many others...i guess we can only wait ..
    they are arriving slowly ..
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    yep, awaiting 4 parcels x

    yes yes yes from states... been a month now also from here, and i dont even remember wht i have ordered!:|

    Ordered Gran Turismo from Amazon on 28th November, Prime One day delivery. Turned up today! Ordered a load of other things from them since then and they all arrived a day late at most. Funny thing is, ordered a Wheel Stand Pro for the GT5 steering wheel, that was dispatched from Poland on Friday and was at my door Monday morning!

    my new graphics card has been stuck in birmingham for a week now

    DPD express parcel delivery lol

    No, although we have got REALLY bad ice, no snow.

    Postman is still coming, although really dont think he should be! We not seen a delay in anything really

    An Ebay item I ordered 2 weeks ago has arrived today via Royal Mail - over the estimated time. 2 orders from Look Fantastic ordered on 22nd & 26th Nov haven't arrived yet (I've just emailed them a query about it) - but everything else has arrived, even orders placed in December. Mostly purchases. I've found Amazon to be the best and most reliable actually. M & S were really slow but did eventually get my item

    Yes - didn't get anything for over a week and in the past 4 days have had tons. Today alone we got 9 packages, two by courier and 7 by Royal Mail van. Hoping Home Delivery will be here soon with more as he's usually after 5-5.30pm. I think I may even start writing down what I'm waiting on because I'm losing track of what I've ordered lol.

    Waiting on a few, they've been in Droitwich for about 5 days now

    Nothing here for over 2 weeks

    I'm waiting for a few, still waiting for a recorded letter from the 29th November! oO

    Not expecting much, that being said not really getting normal post either, like 1 or 2 letters per 4-5 day period.

    Did order something that the postie didnt even bother knock on door last Friday though to deliver and the phone for sorting office hasnt answered in days so who knows if its been sent back to seller or not.

    my daughter & wife are waiting for some makeup from ELF, nearly been 2 weeks now, she has ordered from them before with no problems.anyone else use them ? & im waiting for a letter from my pen-friend in Germany, should have had one by now !
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    To compound things people are now posting their Christmas cards - I hate getting them early December, always leave mine till after the peak, closer to when it is actually Yuletide.

    +1 here. No post at all today and no snow for several days so I don't much understand why. Parcels are taking ages both ones I'm expecting to receive and have sent.

    yes, here too. Amazon, play and very. We've had some snow but a thaw is on now so hopefully will get them all soon. Fingers crossed

    yeah i'm waiting on a few things although something i ordered a copule of days ago from amazon has turned up, but something that was sent out over a week ago still hasn't arrived

    Waiting for dels from Sainsburys, Mark & Spencers, ASOS, I Want One of Those, & Milllets. Probably more but that's all I can think of a the mo!

    Been abroad for a week and have had no post whatsoever...

    waiting for something from 7dayshop despatched 7 days ago but something that got despatched yesterday from asda come today..... hmmmmmm
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