Is anyone else struggling to sign into MSN?

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Found 19th May 2009
I've been struggling to sign into MSN all day and really need to check a few things this only happening to me or is this the same with everyone?

Everything else seems to work perfectly fine.



do cntl alt del, end process called msnmsg or something and wlcomm then retry

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I didn't get that, how do I do that? :?

Was not signing in yesterday for me,have it on now and keeping it on now.I recently updated think its 8.5 version,maybe there bugs in that.

Mine is working fine

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It wasn't working at all earlier but now it keeps saying it can't obtain my contacts list...this is very weird. :?

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I managed to sign in after trying for most of the day and now I can't get back in...typical. :roll:

It's been dodgy all day sometimes letting me sign in but not letting me open anything once i get in

This was happening to me two weks ago, it turned out to be some kind of trogen virus.

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Oh god.....not another virus. :oops:
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