Is Anyone else taking part in Race for Life?

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Found 6th Mar 2007
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put this on here, though I thought under random nonsense it might be acceptable. I'm taking part in Race for Life for the first time to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I've wanted to do it for a while, and lost my mum to Cancer last year so thought it was probably a good time. I've also lost an Aunt and Grandmother, so it's a bit of a worry in my family. Though that sounds morbid so on a more cheery note, I'm hoping it will shift the last 10lbs of baby weight if I do a bit of training

I had a little boy called Ashleigh 21/01/07, so Im going to take it slow, so not expecting an amazingly quick 5k sprint, more a gentle jog come 1st July LOL

Hay if you raise £125 you get a special FREE key ring so this is almost a hot deal really. If the suns out you could also get a FREE tan :giggle:

Anyway, I think this is enough random nonsense for one day! Is anyone else doing it?

Oh, I just thought P.S. If anyone wants to donate a few of there, saved pennies please go here:

Obviously as a true member of this site, I want to get my key ring LOL

Oh, P.P.S I'm doing the Southend-on-Sea one if anyone else is local!

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I am hoping to do it again this year.

Last year the venue near to where I live was full and ended up hiring a mini bus and making a real event out of it.

My time last year was 37 minutes...not too bad I least I finished.

Also last year for raising at least £125 they sent a special watch(which I still have intact in the box)

It is a worthwhile cause...Best of luck to you and anyone else that is taking part.

Good luck to you. It's a great day.
I too did this about two years ago after losing a close family member to cancer. Who hasn't these days??
The only problem was there had been an accident on the surrounding roads and all the traffic was diverted. This caused a delay to the race of about two hours.
Unfortunately, it was a roasting hot day and the sun was beating down. I would usually love this but there was no shade so by the time the race started everybody was suffering with heat exhaustion!I had the worst headache of my life by the time I came back.
Advice - take a large bottle of water, a sunhat and a long sleeved top to cover up just in case you have to stand around for ages in the sun.

It's a great cause. Have a fantastic day!

Good luck proud of ya all

Yes I entered for this at the weekend (much to the amusement of my family). My race is the 8th July, the day after my son's birthday party, 60 screaming, hyper seven year olds. What a weekend that will be.

Yes, am going for it this year - and jolly proud to be doing it too!! x

Is the race for the life for females only?

Yes it is unfortunately. I think men are maybe too competative

This is me Race For Life 2006 In Leeds

This year will be my third year. Its such a great day the atmosphere is electric. Good luck Girls and dont worry you can walk it too.


This is me Race For Life 2006 In Leeds

Where's the picture :?

ah there it is now


Where :?

Where?? in Leeds

lol @ fireheaven

Ya looks good in that kit BECKYBOO..good luck with the race.


Ya looks good in that kit BECKYBOO..good luck with the race.

Thanks currychops.

Just got to decide which one i will run this year

Good luck to everyone running

Original Poster

2 hour delay - wow! I'll make sure I carry sun block, hat, etc July is usually very hot, though the way the weather is these days, the middle of February could be hotter, you never know. I'll take a brolley and mitten too I think lol
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