Is anyone having problems using paypal?!?!

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yeah i am its in one of the threads below, but not directly in my title, think they are doing maintenance which is a bit of a bummer

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just tried to get onto instead od .com - they reckon it should be back up by 7.30 ?

good good, don't want my ebay sales to suffer :-D

im having problems opening the paypal website. i type in [url][/url]
then it takes like 5 mins to open the page and when it does open the page has alot of those xs in the box l like there is no logo and all those things the page is just basic writing and the layout changes. does anyone else have this problem or know what the problem is?

can anyone help? i need to access the paypal website

Keep trying, I got on eventually

my paypal is coming up but it takes around 5 mins to come up and when it does come out it comes out without any logos around and instead i keep getting those boxes with a x inside it.

There might be a phone line problem. My two local cash machines are down as well.

I had problems with paypal, they found out I was 13 at the time and banned me! lol

Apart from being under age I wasnt doing anything wrong, not like that 13 year old hacker boy

how did they find out? did they take all the money in the account?

id sold a mobile phone and i recieved the money in my paypal account, so sent the phone off.
2 days later i got an email from paypal saying they were taking the money back because it was used from an account without authorization (basically the buyer had used someone elses account to pay)

My dad wrang paypal and thats how they found out, they closed the account with £6.xx in it.

My family dont use paypal anymore and also stopped using fleabay aswell. They take enough money out of people as it is without closing accounts with money in.

I personally don't know why you have to be 18, if you have the wit and balls to set up an account, you know what all the risks are. And to do it you need a credit/debit card, how many under 16's have one! Not many.

Rant over!

oh ok your lucky you only had alittle bit of money in there.

I still lost £72 on the phone though
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