Is anyone here a registered member of 'enotes'?

    Afternoon all.

    I am in the middle of a(nother!) science assignment and I found an interesting post on the 'enotes' forum - I can only read it if I am a member and they seem to be having problems with their sign-up process!

    I registered with them yesterday morning and it went through but I never received my activation email, so I emailed them to tell them and also tried registering again through another email address and still no activation email (have checked junk box also)

    So just now I have found another post I want to read so that's two now - is anyone here a member? If so, would you mind PM'ing me your sign-in details, or if you don't want to please can I give you the links and you copy and paste into an email for me?

    Would REEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLY appreciate it, thanks x

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