Is anyone here a volunteer for the Samaritans?

Found 19th Apr 2011
Im going to one of their open evenings tomorrow night and I just wondered if anyone here is a volunteer and could tell me what kind of thing to expect and if you're glad you do it (or did it)

I know that it will involve a bit of role play at the open evening and have read that when answering calls, emails etc.. you can't offer advice......which I imagine can be quite difficult at times.
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A friend of the family did it for a while, she enjoyed it once she had gone through the training........until the day she got a call from a man asking to come to the office to wait for the police as something had happened.
They were not alone, there were several samaritans there so it was pretty safe so they agreed as he sounded in an utter state.
Turned up with blood all over his face from scratches, everyones first instinct was to think he was the victim............until the police showed, turns out he had raped someone.
I guess in a way it was a "decent" (in the loosest sense of the word) to know he had done wrong and to have called the police himself but still.............

She gave it up the next day.

Dont let that put you off though, she DID enjoy it, in as much as you can enjoy that kind of thing depending on what calls come in when you are working.
it's awesome, however if you think you want to be giving someone advice then you may want to learn a little more about people first. YES it can be very difficult to not offer advice.

What may seem obviously a good idea to YOU may seem an obviously bad one to someone else. If someone wants to die can YOU listen to them and respect them saying "ok im going now" knowing they are going to die ? that's the dark side, the bright side is that many people JUST need someone to listen, they dont need advice, or an answer, or someone ramming their "perfect solution" down their throat, they just want someone to listen

Can you listen ??? I'd think you probably can, BUT you will listen to some "undesireable" people at times which frankly isn't much fun. In the main though it's awesome work!!!

Yeah I don't mean I want to give advice because I know everything, far from it! I just meant in situations where for instance they say they are going to kill themselves you can't tell them not to and thats the bit that I think will take some getting used to.

I personally have been in a situation where the 'right normal' advice just sounded stupid to me and it was like they just couldn't understand why it was stupid advice and that just frustrated me. So yes I can understand why they have the rule of no advice.

I think I can listen and hopefully help people especially as I may have been in the same situation as some of the women or men that call.

I imagine it can be very good some days and very bad others, but Im hoping that ill be able to take the bad with the good and not give up.
My Mate worked for the Samaritans

He phoned in sick one night ... And,,

They spoke him out of it ..............
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