Is anyone kind enough to provide me with an Orange Wednesdays code please?

    a friend and I want to go and see 'The Expendables' tonight but I don't know anyone that is on the Orange network so I can't get the bogof offer.
    If anyone here is kind enough to give me one I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you


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    Don't you have to show the text on your own phone?


    Don't you have to show the text on your own phone?

    Just enter your own name as "241" or "Orange" in your address book, and send yourself a text message.

    Alternatively, just write the code on a scrap of paper and tell 'em you've got orange broadband.

    I've had many a fun exchange with the Cineworld staff.
    "That phone is on o2" etc.

    Thanks very much - good info.
    If only the 'like' function worked you would be liked.:D

    I was wondering how the text ticket worked, if I was offering a code to someone!!
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