Is anyone planning on doing photography of the Solar Eclipse on Friday?

Posted 14th Mar 2015
I'm thinking about maybe doing it so I'm looking it up to see what all I need to do it. I never took photos of it before, in fact never took photos of the sun directly or at night. lol. Was hoping maybe you could tell me what your set up is to give some ideas what I may need to be able to do it in a safe way. It's probably all just wishful thinking right now cos I'm excited for it so may not happen but just want to hear what others say about their experience/plan for this year.

What requirements do you have/use?

Is having a Tripod, Eclipse glasses, solar lens for camera enough? Or do I need to do the cardboard thing with a hole inside? My camera lens wouldnt be powerful enough for a good close up but seeing it's a first time, it doesn't matter. It's all just for fun and learning in a safe way.

But I may end up not doing it. Could possibly end up still sleeping and miss it. lol
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