Is anyone signed up to the Aqua Credit Checker?

Found 25th Mar 2015
Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone uses the aqua credit checker?
I got the card about a month ago because of it offering no fee's on overseas transactions and a free £20 amazon voucher (which i'm still waiting for!) but got an email from them today saying that I can join the free credit checker, was wondering if anyone has signed up to it....any reviews?
Thank you!
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I'm not with that credit check service so no review sorry but just wanted to say that Noddle is free (as long as you don't sign up to extras) and very handy for keeping tabs on ones credit score and more -
Oh sorry, was meant to say Noddle powers Aqua Credit Checker too but you obviously don't need to be an Aqua customer to sign up.
yes I have its worth signing up to the noodle credit report that's offered for free, and having a look through it, it was extremely helpful in my case removing accounts still open etc. Had mine for nearly 2 years and its still great to this day. So go ahead and sign up if you don't like it end the membership.
Noddle had a few things missing compared to my experian report, bare this in mind
Thanks everyone
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