Is Aviva a good pension choice?

Found 3rd Aug 2017
I currently have Nest with my new employer and want to set up a private pension. I've seen Aviva and not sure if a stakeholder or personal pension is best. Also is Aviva recognised by CMS for child maintenance calculations? I plan to put £50-90£ a week away. Thanks
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Speak to a financial adviser.

Basically a stakeholder pension is cheaper and has fewer funds to choose from, mostly internal.

A personal pension will allow a choice of internal and external funds but will of course be more expensive.

Why can't you just increase your contribution to your workplace pension? Link here
Why do you not want to pay into Nest?
Does nest perform well and is it competitive do you know? Cheers
rollercoaster635 m ago

Does nest perform well and is it competitive do you know? Cheers

Nest is quite new so I don't know much about it except that it is new. Having a brief look, it seems to offer reasonable funds with different level of risk strategies.

For pensions, it is all about employer contributions and fees levied by the scheme and the funds available. Their performance will be similar to one another from different providers, certainly not enough data to do a comparison.

Do you understand investment and can invest for yourself?
Speaker to your employer's staff pension team. Your plan may offer tiered contributions - If you pay more, your employer may pay more. If that's not the case, speaker to an independent financial adviser first. Aviva are OK but there are many other choices. Plus you need to understand how you want to invest. You may struggle to find an IFA that will see you but it's worth a try.

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