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Found 23rd Mar 2009
Hi all,

I am comparing prices on computer components (looking to add some RAM and HDD), and I came across a company called buiness force ( Their price seem competitive compare to ebuyer and scan. But the problem is, I never heard of them, and Google search didn't return anything useful in terms of what people have to say about them, quality of service they provide, etc. So I wonder if anyone buys from them before, and how they are like.

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Well the dates on the items on their home page under "Whats new" are all 2007 and older.

Site says it has not been updated since 24/09/2007 (see centre of page). Some pages have not been updated since 2006.

The copyright for the site (on the left) says 2007

Surely you could see those dates yourself without needing to ask.

Also part way down the page it says "Windows Vista now shipping" which it has been since early 2007.

Seems a good indication it is not worth the risk.

Update: Just found their "main" site here which seems more up to date

Still not sure I would risk them though, at least you know you can TRUST ebuyer and scan.
I was actually referring to the main site, just thought the short url was easier type, but didn't check the contents and was assuming it will have the same data. Guess i was very wrong.

i tried to search on google and didn't find any useful reviews of the shop. Guess it'd be better to step aside then.

Thanks for the help
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