Is BBC One's Robin Hood repeated?

    Hi folks,

    We missed yesterday (Saturday's) double final episode of Robin Hood and are really peed off with ourselves. Does anyone know if its repeated on any of the BBC channels anytime soon? I know it'll be on bbc iplayer but we really wanted to catch it on TV if at all possible.



    Not if the Sheriff of Nottingham has anything to do with it.


    not in the next 3 weeks. download it.


    If you have Virgin Media or know some who has then its on replay or catch up TV, and will be there for a week



    nice one, kermitzbitz;-)


    Please don't link to illegal downloads. Thanks.


    Please don't link to illegal downloads. Thanks.

    Yup, thats rather naughty and my cousin will send the boys round if you link to BBC stuffs (he works for them, and shouted at me when I told him I had D/L'ed the 1st series of this!!!)

    If you are going to download it just use Google, it is very easy and probably wont take much of your day.

    Plus I think it is on again at 6pm on a Sunday evening although not tonight as far as I am aware, sorry.


    Just download the BBC iPlayer, you should be able to view yesterdays episode through that.
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