is Berocca a load of Balls?

    Im not sold on Berocca.

    Does it actually do anything and is it actually proven healthy?



    Never heard of it tbh .

    ive heard there good for hangovers but never tried one myself.

    use berroca and i do feel more alert and can concentrate more,but when im skint and use superdrug/boots brands i dont feel they take any effect except make my wee yellow

    I have a pal who swears by these, i've only tried boots own and not impressed, may have to give these a whirl

    So i take it there a 'pick me up ' type of thingy , bit like pro plus ? to admit i dont rate pro plus tbh , were are the ones you said available from and how much ?

    I hate it when someone just says 'discuss'.

    Load of marketing **** shyte.

    That's not a very nice thing to suggest about the President of the United States!

    Original Poster Banned


    I hate it when someone just says 'discuss'.

    I know.. so do I!

    How annoying! o_O

    Just a multivitamin by the looks of it. Seems overpriced.
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