Is Blood Brothers the theatre show suitable for children aged 10 and 11?


    We are having a family break over the weekend and Blood Brothers is on at a local theatre and I was wondering if its suitable for children aged 10 and 11. If anyone has seen this and could advise I would be grateful.



    There's no sex or (much) violence or swearing in it...
    Can't give much away to you without telling you what happens... But it is a fantastic show.

    It's adult based subject matter, not really for kids, so they might get bored.

    thele be bored

    I am a BIG fan of blood brothers and I would say they are a bit too young, think it is more from about 14/15 onwards

    Yup fantastic show ..i saw it in Liverpool a few years ago, a bit deep for kids i reckon.

    my boy went to see it when he was 11 in london he enjoyed it but it was first time he had gone theatre so he enjoyed the trip

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    Thank you all for your input, much appreciated. I dont think I will take the kids. Thanks again.
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