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Found 29th Oct 2010
I am after the lion king on dvd and have found it for £9.99 with this website, but seems very cheap. Has anybody used this site?
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i think its fake, the site was created in august 2010, but yet there is a review on that site from 2009....i may be wrong though:
Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited

Expiration Date: 2011-08-16
Creation Date: 2010-08-16
Last Update Date: 2010-08-16

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That's what i was thinking its all a bit suspicious thanks for the reply.
i think its fake too as they spelt New Zealand wit a S. and some of the dvds are in the volt and not being sold yet they have them for like $13. way tooooo cheap especially when they going on trademe for $50!
I have recently purchased the Lion King on DVD from this site and I also thought it was very cheap at £9.99. When playing the dvd it has lines all the way through it and also it does not carry the Disney hologram on the case itself, seems fake to me. I am trying to contact them and so far my emails are going unanswered. Has anyone else bought from them and having the same problem?
I have just bought a DVD from this site. I was a bit suspicious as the payment receipt was not for Bluestar but for
Merchant information
Boontawee Chuayniam
I searched for the DVD on Google so maybe they should be informed if the site turns out to be bogus.
do not use this site! bought 3 dvds and had no reply whatso ever!!!
why is this web site still allowed to trade if there is even a small doubt as to their authenticity? I am very disappointed!
Flints ahoy!
I also fell for this site in a fit of super fast Christmas shopping. I have opened a dispute with paypal for a refund. Has anyone else had any success?
UPDATE: I requested a refund today via email and through paypal and received it straight away! (I also reported the site to paypal as potentially fradulent). Hope everyone else gets their money back.
I bought little mermaid on 27 November, paid through paypal, still haven't received DVD, sent email to the address on receipt which was sent back. tried to open a dispute with paypal but i have now transaction ID, although payment on my bank statement shows paypal, there is nothing in my paypal history. I have emailed paypal back for help, very frustrated and annoyed that paypal are involved with this company
I can't get past the transation ID part of the dispute process, as I don't have one, who did you email requesting a refund?
I can't get past the transation ID part of the dispute process, as I don't have one, who did you email requesting a refund?
I have also purchased The Lion King & Chicken Little from this site on 11/21/10 and we are still waiting for them to arrive! I called Paypal just 10 mins ago and filing a claim! Should have know when there was 3 different names to the whole thing!
I recived my video from thailand as you would imagine it doesnt work it just comes up as DIRTY DVD???? HAVE E-MAILED BLUESTAR AND WAITING A REPLY I SHALL THEN TRY AND GET MY MNEY BACK FROM.
I'm in the same boat here too, ordered on the 19/11/10 and apart from being told it was shipped the day after I have heard nothing more, and still not recieved any DVD's. I'm going to speak to paypal and ask if there is anything I can do or even better get a refund.
Anyone reading this DO NOT USE BLUESTAR DVD'S.
I'm another mug; however disputed payment with my credit card company, and then the same with PayPal. Received a refund within 24 hours via PayPal. Always worth disputing with the credit (not debit) card co as they are just as likely to refund you
I've used this site to purchase a lion king dvd on 19th Nov 2010. I have still not received it and YES I think this is definitely a fraudulent site, boy whoever is running it must be making untold money out of us this xmas. I've sent numerous emails and still haven't received a reply. I have requested to cancel my order and asked for a full refund NO REPLY!!
Just read all these comments, unfortunately after having ordered 3 DVD's, and guess what!!! I too have sent three e-mails with no reply. I found this site through an Amazon link so will be contacting them. I'd be glad to hear if anyone has got their money back yet.
I also ordered a DVD from this web site on the 19/11/12 and still have not recieved it. I have spoke to pay pal and they are trying to contact the seller which I doubt very much they will as I have emailed them several times and had no reply. So hopefully I will get my money back soon.
i ordered a lion king dvd on the 29th of november and guess what im still waiting, i have had no replies from my emails and the payment was taken out straight away- what to do next???
I ordered Lion King On the 1st of this Month and I am still waiting for it????
I have just spoke to paypal who have said they will look into my concerns, just wish i read these comments before i placed my order
I am also in the same **** boat. how do i go about getting my money back from paypal, so so so angry
People, can't find my review, I ordered Beauty and the Beast and Jungle Book from this company, they emailed me to advise shipment and that delivery would take approx 10-14 days, I received the dvds on Friday 10 December 2010, exactly 2 weeks after email. Beauty and the Beast looks very authentic, however the Jungle Book case cover is a tell tale sign that the dvd is a copy, after wrapping these dvds, I got a bit suspicious hence me finding this site!! after reading the reviews I was worried that the dvds would not play, I opened the suspect Jungle Book and put it in the dvd player, people this is an excellent picture and sound, I have not opened the Beauty and the Beast, I will take the chance and hope its of the same quality. I thought these dvds were coming from the USA however they came from thailand.
I hope you all get sorted!!! good luck!!
I too fell prey to this scam. Let's put this scum out of business . What is paypal thinking. They should be held responsible also.
I have also made an order in this site and have not recieved my dvd. Luckly I only paid $15. I have just completed my claim and hopefully I get a refund. Its not so much for the money but its to stop people like this from scaming other. I had made this purchase as a christmas present and now I have to purchase something else. Learned my leason will do a little research before purchasing online for websites like this. Should of notice something was wrong when I could only log in my account from the email they sent and not through the website directly. When I filed my claim with paypal, this was the information that showed for seller...
Boontawee Chuayniam
Unfortunately, my daughter ordered from here, never received any videos ($66.00 worth), ended up having to file a claim with Paypal. They never returned an email, and the videos never arrived. Some have reported pirated copies as well as videos that won't play. See Sitejabber for more comments. My opinion is to beware of this site.
Couple of golden tips:

NEVER order from a website where the domain registrant contact email address or "Administrative Contact" is a "throwaway" email - Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc
Every domain comes with a certain number of mailboxes. Ask yourself why the owner / admin contact isn't using one of those mailboxes.

NEVER buy from a website who's domain registered has elected to withhold their contact details.

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Hi. I paid for 3 Disney dvd's and have never received them. The money was taken straight from my bank and I received an email stating they were despatched 6 weeks ago. They will not respond to my daily emails chasing these. Stupidly i did not pay via paypal so have no chance of a refund. This site should be shut down & prosecuted for conning people out of their hard earned cash. How much money are they pocketing by being unscrupulous. I could really kick myself. Avoid them at all costs. Please, please be warned. Thanks
I have also ordered Lion King and not recieved it, e mails have gone unanswered, i dont understand how paypal are still dealing with this company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I purchased some dvd's from them too. They seem to be working fine for me at the moment, but I can tell they are fake, even though on their website it states they are originals. Not happy with them though as I emailed them asking to return them and also for a refund, and I have not had any replies from them. I think it is disgusting, but based on their service, they couldn't care less....pigs.
THEY ARE DEFINITELY FRAUDULENT!!!! I ordered a Lion King DVD on Nov. 21st. Received it two weeks later. It was from Thailand and the DVD looked like a total fake. Even if it was a pirated copy, it should at least work? So I thought maybe the "region" was locked but I researched online and saw all these comments. I immediately filed a dispute with PayPal. I can't believe the crooks think they are going to get away with this. Thank God I didn't pay directly to them! Hoping to get my refund back like some of you...

I too ordered 2 dvds and have not received them, although the site says it was shipped 11/27/2010. I to am contacting paypal for a refund and wish to broadcast to everyone possible that this is a fraudulent site. I sent 5 emails and no one responded. I was happy to find the movies for my toddler and didn't really check out the site before hand. Now I know and will not do this again.
I bought 4 dvds on the 28th November and the money was taken immediately.... I am disgusted with these people that go around ripping off innocent people, I actually saw the link on Amazon and obviously Amazon being such a fantastic sight thought that they would check out the links who are sponsoring them... I have yet to make a complaint to Amazon and its far to late for me to make a claim through paypal as it's suppose to be done within 45 days so thats me out!!! Shame about that but also how sad I fell for this rubbish, £50 stolen, daylight robbery!!!
Hi, I ordered and paid for 3 DVD's from this site on 23rd Nov 2010, 2 months ago, and none have arrived. One of them was the Lion King. Have emailed them twice through BLUESTAR DVD's but have had no reply. Don't know where to go next. Not sure if it's a scam. Although Bluestar seems to be a UK company the acceptance of my order seemed to imply the goods were being shiped from Boontawee Chuaynaim in the US.
Any help would be appreciated.
I'm very annoyed, i ordered Beauty and the Beast from this company an they have taken my money but I've received no reply even though i've requested my money back 3 times now. Very unhappy with amaazon and i'm going to see if I can reclaim my money from paypal. I'm now thinking after reading these posts that I've most def. been scammed.

I have just bought a DVD from this site. I was a bit suspicious as the … I have just bought a DVD from this site. I was a bit suspicious as the payment receipt was not for Bluestar but for Merchant informationBoontawee ChuayniamGENUINE_DISCOUNT@HOTMAIL.COMI searched for the DVD on Google so maybe they should be informed if the site turns out to be bogus.

I did exactly the same and the same details came back for the receipt, they took my money for the Lion King dvd but I have never received it yet, ordered it in November 2010. Their website is no longer!
my son ordeed the little mermaid dvd for his little girl for xmas paid for it but still hasn't received it
no answer to any of his emails
WHY can this site be removed from Google
If it's too good to be true then it usually is!!! £9.99 for the Lion King when it goes for £20+ elsewhere, get some common sense!
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