Is down for anyone else?!

Found 4th Jan 2010
I can't access the site at all, either at work or home, using a variety of browsers, but my mate assures me it's working fine.

I just checked this site too and it's down -….uk

It's been like this over a week now! Annoying as I really want to go and order some shirts for work

Anyone else who can't get on it? Still wondering if it's a problem with me, or if my friend's just got some weird setup that lets him view it

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it works for me, just searched via google
Cheers Eddie.

Really sucks. Why is it not working for me? Even at work?! Arggh!
Working fine here
And here
Thanks again. Just tried the PC downstairs, no luck, just tried my iPhone, no luck - argh!
maybe try a different browser?
Tried a few different ones already unfortunately, cheers though Eddie, it's actually working at work now, so I guess I could always order some stuff in my lunch break so not too bad - absolutely no idea why the hell it hasn't been working at home for the past week or so, haven't had any problems with other sites...
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