Is buying a "used - acceptable" PS4 from amazon warehouse really acceptable?

Posted 25th Sep 2015
I'm looking to buy a cheap PS4 and have noticed a few knocking around on amazon warehouse from time to time in "acceptable" condition. Has anybody bought one and if so is the condition OK? I realise you get what you pay for and they're not brand new but was just after peoples thoughts before deciding whether to take the plunge. Thanks!
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It's fine. 30 days free return can't go wrong.
Generally they are very good.

I have used the warehouse several times with very positive results.

I even had a refurbished Kindle delivered which when delivered turned out to be a factory sealed brand new Kindle. - that was an unexpected result !

Cannot guarentee you will be that lucky but would certainly give it a whirl.

If all else fails you can always send it back.

Warehouse has always been hit and miss for me I've had items several items described as used where just the packaging was damaged (very minor damage) and they were still sealed and then I've ordered items which have been described as "like new" which have been damaged.
As mentioned above you can return so that's not really a major problem.

With it being a PS4 though I don't know if I would pay the extra to have the warranty and piece of mind depends on the price difference.
Looking back did you get that PS4? I am looking to buy something acceptable condition too and don't know if I should take the plunge.
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