Posted 1st Dec 2022
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    Is there a way around reducing the £15/m seems to much tbh (edited)
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    Hasn't there been a couple of posts in discussions recently?
    Search results as per usual is sh^t but I remember someone mentioning this in comments on one of the deals but couldn’t remember which one do made this post.
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    For me it’s the best cb site on the web 15% eBay is quite regular now
    Cant believe people dont mention it at all. It just always seemed dodgy so I avoided it. I remember them showing up on my ebay when i first started using ebay and that was long time ago
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    Yes been using it for 2/3 years. Fantastic site quick payouts
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    I've used them off and only, I only ever use them for the free trial period.

    If you do it right, you can claim your £16.87 for that original purchase. And there is a very small window - like 3 days, where if you bought something else you can claim back £15 too.

    I've had the offer from eBay so I claim the £16.87 and then buy a £1 single battery & claim the £15 - done that a couple of times.

    Did the same with Pop Figures too - actually, as the item was delayed they paid out before the original item arrived.

    They're good with gift cards too - 20% off - makes a big difference.
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