Is Costco really any cheaper these days ?

    What with all the great deals in the supermarkets, Is Costco really any cheaper these days and worth the fees?



    i think some things are yes, but it depends what is on special and if you need it, alcohol is certinaly cheaper in the supermarkets when on special, but there birthday cakes are excellent value, and the bbq chicken pizza is yumm x

    Costco is only really cheaper if you plan to buy something in bulk.

    Duck, pancakes & hoi sin is only £7

    10 packs of chicken breasts is only a tenner as well.

    There are loads of things you wouldnt buy, but there are a lot of bargains to be had if you buy in bulk (plus as above, the cakes are gorgeous !!)


    Costco is only really cheaper if you plan to buy something in bulk.

    not on all things

    case of coca - 24 cans - £6.80 (i think) - better deals in supermarkets

    as previous poster said - cakes - bargain also love their cooked ribs

    just inside entrance - coupon book - :thumbsup:

    I find the meat is much better quality at costco compared to the supermarket meat so we keep going back for the quality as much as the prices which are a bit hit and miss - you really need to know how much things cost in supermarkets to know if it's worth buying in bulk - sometimes only saving a few pence.

    Four tyres for my 4x4, a lot cheaper than I saw them anywhere alse.


    depends what you want to buy at the end of the day

    going there tonight

    24 cans of diet pepsi for a fiver
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