Is Cyber monday a thing anymore?

    Nearly all Black friday items were online aswell as instore, Although its only early it seems like noone is doing anything for cyber monday. Except for a few voucher codes.

    Anyone bought anything today?


    Was cyber Monday ever a thing in the UK?


    Just had a quick look.

    Tow ropes, bags and tupperware.

    Looks like it's a way to get rid of all the junk they didn't manage so sell on Friday.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just ritualised shopping experiences built up by retailers, where they have manage to instil the concept that everything offered on those days is a super bargain. It is true there are a few genuinely good deals to be had and many items are a little discounted compared to standard pricing, but there is also a fair amount of "fake discounts" from inflated RRPs and stock clearance rubbish in the mix.

    As with a purchase at any time checking out competing prices is key. Comparing with amazon using the camelizer extension is a fantastic way of finding out if a price is actually decent.

    Black Friday is an American thing, which is OK. It's just when we take things from the states, we don't do them properly. I think both days are a joke here.


    Anyone bought anything today?

    Got some bread from Aldi....
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