Is DABS a reliable company with products to match?

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Found 22nd Apr 2007
Daughter wants a NEW 8gb ipod nano and about the cheapest i have found is this one…11e
Will it be the latest model - or is it cheaper than most because it's old stock?
Any experience with this companys reliablity would be greatly appreciated

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Used to get a lot of stuff off them a couple of years back and never had any problems, not heard any bad reports of late:)


Haven't used them but lots of reviews here:


bought from them many times - absolutely no probs!

now owned by BT...never had any probs.


Check out this thread. There's a link to 8gb Nano for £129 from eBuyer who are very reliable. ]http//ww…258

As above, Dabs is a well established reputable company who have been trading for years and were actually bought by BT last year - so its even more sound now - but ebuyer are sound too, so either are OK.

The 8gig Ipod Nano was only launched as a second generation model, so it will be the latest model - but be wary of ebay sellers, as I've seen pink nanos sold on ebay perporting to be 8gig models, but Apple only make 8gig ipods in black and a special limited edition red, so the offers of 8gig models in other colours doesn't stack up....
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