Is Data Roaming Free on Vodafone?

    When i click to activate it, my phones pops up with a message saying i may be charged excessively for this, so i am a bit confused whether to switch it on.

    SO do vodafone charge for this?


    Are you trying to use data abroad? Roaming data charges are pretty hefty and are not included in the mobile internet pack nor is there any system like passport either. You need to be very careful with roaming data usage to avoid getting charged a lot of money.


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    so best to leave it off?

    Yes, I'd keep it off and only enable it if you need data abroad and prepared to pay the fairly hefty charges for it.


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    Thanks for the help

    Guess it'll stay off

    steer well clear. Iphones and android devices often use data in the background so even if you don't think you're doing anything it could still be charging you
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